Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too Much Time Down the Rabbit Hole

I haven’t been sleeping lately. It’s definitely an anxiety-based insomnia. Last night, I forgot to go to sleep. Well, I suppose that’s not the absolute truth. I tried for a bit. I turned off the lights and lay motionless in the path of the A/C stream. Getting horizontal only proved to quiet the background psychic static and make my thoughts more clear. With the volume turned up, my mind started to rev faster and faster, eventually propelling me from my bed and back to the computer. Thirty minutes passed before I thought to put on some underwear. Aside from exchanging a dozen words with Dubbs, I sat in solitude in my room, the curtain drawn, the temperature regulated, the caffeine flowing, the Massive Attack providing a chilling ambience.

While coding a website I managed to touch the thing that makes me happy. I had a moment. Tonight, before I crash, I’m going to try to glimpse that again.

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Anonymous said...

hey dude, sorry you aren't sleeping. but it's good cause i get new shit! i just checked out the updates man, fucking funny! sorry i missed telling you happy b-day, although i was thinking about it. me and my buddy started writing you an "aristocrats" joke that i'll be sendng you! uuuhhh, i hope you like that kinda joke. anyways, friendship!