Monday, July 24, 2006

Listen: Podcast, no4

Pleasing To Your Ears

This week's podcast is about getting the blood pumping and also a source of inspiration for my sister as she studies/sits for the Texas BAR. My apologies for getting this post up on Monday morning. The podcast was uploaded last nite but I had pretty spotty Internet access, so I'm a tad late with the track list. Anyway, enough of my excuses, here are the songs:
“Fuck You” by Pharoahe Monch
“Huddle Formation” by The Go! Team
“Presidente” by Kinky
“Girl” by Beck
“Phone Sex” by The Fitness
“Is It Just Me?” by The Darkess
“This Fire” by Franz Ferdinand
“Freetime” by Kenna
“Timebomb” by The Old 97s
“Tribulations” by LCD Soundsystem
“So Sensitive” by Pete Miser
“Hot Night Crash” by Sahara Hot Nights
“Oh My Corazon” by Tim Burgess
“Letter from an Occupant” by The New Pornographers
“P’s and Q’s” by Kano
As usual, the podcast is available throught RSS or iTunes. Here are the appropriate links:
Click here to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.
Click here to visit the "Pleasing To Your Ears" page in the iTunes Music Store, where you can pick and choose from available episodes.
And for you folks that poo poo the enhanced podcast, here's the mp3 for episode four:
no4 :: Studying for the BAR, Elbows and Assholes
And finally, I mentioned a few music links of interest. Here they are:
Motion Theory's video for Beck's "Girl"
The Brooklynites photo project by Anthony LaSala and Seth Kurshner
That's it for episode four. Please tell your friends. Please tell me what you think. Please tune in next week. Booyah!

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Anonymous said...

I listen to the podcast while doing my share of the apartment cleaning. Like soap operas for the neo-housewife. Number 4 has been especially good for dust-busting the straw-rug.