Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Backwards Portfolio Review

I haven't posted any of my school work lately and precious little otherwise. That said, I presented this concept/idea this evening and it went over pretty well. One of the critics even went so far as to call it "genius," a fact I considered omitting here but include if only because this late in the semester, when the idea tanks are empty, it's good to know there's still some gold left uncovered.

For my final presentation in Scott Stowell's class we were asked to present work from the semester in a manner consistent with a mission statement of our own design. I wrote my speech, recorded the audio, reversed it, transcribed the reversed speech phonetically, performed it on camera and then reversed the result again to create an intelligible presentation (with some assistance from subtitles). This is my literal attempt to look back(wards) at my output (a great deal of which I wasn't completely satisfied with) while pushing my belief that my best design work is witty, conceptual and performative.

Here is a truncated version of the phonetic manuscript.


And here is the final video.

(More of my videos)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I compiled and uploaded a portfolio here. It got me a job here.