Monday, March 31, 2008

Early Morning Radio

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Claire and I have been waking up to a radio station of fair quality. She usually gets up for work, showers, has a bowl of cereal and is out the door before I've done than piss and then crawl back under the covers. Imagine my surprise when the DJ was going on about The Raveonettes and Los Campesinos! I could've sworn that the early morning alarm radio was always NPR or some world music station.

This morning I awoke to The National's "Fake Empire," a beautiful yet regrettably somber song, especially for so gray a day. I've added it to my Muxtape, so feel free to listen. I will continue to add songs to that site when the quality of a track compels me or until it gets shut down for copyright infringement. Think of it as a stop gap until I'm out of school for the Summer and my interest in podcasting is revived.