Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yadda Yadda Yaddas

Dubbs and I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Roseland Ballroom last night. Our timing was perfect, arriving in just enough time to have a wee and then weasel our way through the throngs. The show was top notch. Karen O is a mesmerizing spectacle and the stripped down nature of the music means nothing is lost when all the studio tricks fall away. Dubbs and I both agreed that the only think that would've made it all more worthwhile was a little movement from the audience. Our NY peers are typically too cool for school so physical movement was, sadly, limited to head bobbing and navel-gazing.

Chris gets in this afternoon. The excitement? Bloody palpable.


kelly said...

The too-cool-to-actually-enjoy-music epidemic is also thriving in LA. Shocking, I know. I saw Ladytron on Tuesday and about 97% of the audience showed their enthusiasm by staring vacantly at the band and taking the occasional cell phone picture. I do NOT get it. These girls spent all this time picking out vintage dresses - and 200 dollar jeans to wear under them - and the boys put a lot of thought into hair wax and eye liner, only to pay $30 to see a show, $7 per drink, to stand there and act like a sullen adolescent dragged to a family reunion. Geez.

Can you please design an ironic t-shirt to capture this?

Anonymous said...

i hate the too-cool-for-schoolness. once i was at a dismemberment plan concert and they sung a song called 'doing the standing still' about how people never dance anymore. that's all i can think of whenever i go to a concert now. stupid stander stillers.