Monday, May 01, 2006

Comic Shop Sunday

Yesterday I stopped by my local comics supplier in Brooklyn and picked up some titles that I've requested be set aside. A few months ago, I filled out a membership form, so...I'm like...a member. There's a certifiable paper trail that makes me culpable. I'm a willing participant in the decline of my own cool. The shop pulls everything I want as it comes in and I pay a visit every couple of weeks and buy the lot.

Sometimes I worry that I'm regressing but that sort of paranoia can't really stand up in the face of Amazing X-men storylines penned by Joss Whedon.


Rimas Kurtinaitis said...

Man, every penny I could get my hands on between the ages of 14 and 18 went to Gold Mine Comics and Cards. They used to pull all my books too. Then I went to college and had to spend money on wack ass shit like food and housing. I've been curious about the state of the comics world ever since but far too cool (and broke) to give in to the temptation.

nerdelite said...

I dabbled with comics but was always more of a Marvel cards kid. I didn't visit the shop often enough to keep up with any serialized storylines. As for the state of comics, I'm no authority. I've never been a big superhero comic guy, with a few exceptions. I prefer darker, more debased comics, like every title Vertigo publishes. Also, "Invincible" "Y: The Last Man" "Ex Machina" and "Sea of Red" are excellent.

Anonymous said...

I've actually been thinking of going into a comic book shop to see what's what. I used to be a rabid fanboy and would pick up books on Tuesdays and Thursdays (when the new releases hit the shelves). I haven't read a comic in years, but I have a great Jim Lee-illustrated Superman flying through an asteroid belt as my current desktop wallpaper. Geek.

- Achilles O(*_*)O

Sharis said...

Sam says you are not officially cool unti you are getting discounts at the comic store because you buy soo many comics...and yes Sam gets discount here in SA.

nerdelite said...

My subscription list has more than 25+ titles so I get 10% off.

How d'ya like me now?