Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Think Big, Think Different

Last night at dinner, we got to talking about ultra wealth. Josh was telling us tales of his billionaire boss who does ludicrous things like dry clean a pair of socks for 10 bucks and hire people to make 5 consecutive trips to Best Buy for DVD players. And he's got two jets.

I asked the lot what they might choose to buy if they had a billion dollars. Josh wanted the NY Philharmonic. Dubbs wants a house kitted out with the latest in energy conservation technology (windmills, solar panels, etc.). Chris would buy and run a film studio. I just asked Jacob and he said a fully-equipped jet.

I wanted the $21,000 dollar G5 Mac I configured at the Apple Store the other day. Before you dismiss it, this mother fucker has ten thousand dollars worth of RAM. $10,000! Think different, indeed. What would you buy?

(My follow-up, once I realized that I'd failed to reach for the stars, was some dope NY real estate and a 30 monitor x 30 monitor network that I would only run Microsoft Word on. Really big fucking docs!)


kelly said...


A)get a soda fountain and a beer tap for my house
B) run a thrift store
C) start a zine
D) write, publish, and distribute manuals for teachers and parents about how to stop being so effing sexist.

I'm not that good at this game.

Maybe if I was REALLY disgustingly loaded, I'd pay for user-friendly light-rail systems in LA, Austin, and Houston.

Sharis said...

Shar's list:

1)Sam and I would quit our jobs and go on a tour of the world.
2) I would write and publish children's books
3)Sam would open a coffee house with his brother and then every Sunday would be kids day at the coffee house and I could read the books I had written.
4)Adopt kids
5)We would buy a real dramatic house with lots of land near nature perserves so no one would build neighboorhoods near us. Oh, and we would have, a movie theatre in our house,aracade room, a game room, a pool and a hottub.
6)put away dollars for our kids colleges
7)buy a VW convertiable

After I took care of Sam and I and future kids...

1)buy my siblings dramatic houses
2) pay off the mortgages of my parents, my grandma's house and my Aunt Anita's house
3)pay for Neal's college
4)pay off mortgage of parents in- laws house
5)buy sister in-law and brother in-law a dramatic house so the nephews could have thier own rooms
6)pay for the nephews colleges
7)donate money to OXFAM Aemrica and Habitat for Humanity

nerdelite said...

Fuckin' 'ell. Good answers Shar. I like Kelly's answers b'c she, like me, seems exhausted by the possibility. A billion dollars? I can't be bothered.