Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bye, Bye BAMF

Chris is leaving today. I had to go to work though so I bid him a fond farewell this morning as I walked out the door. It was sad, sure, but I'm able to dissuade myself from sulking b'c of the very real likelihood that Chris'll be moving back in the coming months. That'll be grand. By the by, if you knew me in the past and we're still on good terms, there are plenty of apartments in New York. Why haven't you moved here yet?

Last night we all grabbed some fish 'n' chips at the Chip Shop. And then we just hung out, burned DVDs of music, took some pictures (flickr) for upcoming comics and Chris bought some shirts and buttons. Then we were tired so we stayed up another hour watching Conan and Chappelle stand-up. Then we were really tired and we adjourned to our beds. And it all ended.

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