Friday, October 06, 2006

PEG LEG: The Lost Issue

As many of you know, I designed, printed and wrote for (almost entirely) my own comedy magazine in college. It was a labor of love which boasted a subscription base of two to three hundred readers. I released Peg Leg (Southwestern's mascot was a pirate) sporadically over a few years, usually whenever I was overwhelmed by an abundance of creativity. I would stay up for a week, writing, editing, layint out and gorging on Papa John's. It was one of the most wonderful projects I've ever undertaken. The product, while far from perfect, projected a certain charm in it's often poorly conceived comedic premises, flagrant grammatical mistakes and xeroxed shoddiness. I began working on a sixth issue in my senior year but never had the energy to finish it up. While compiling work for my portfolio, I found three rough draft covers of what I was calling "the asshole issue". Three different fucking ambitious. No wonder I never finished it.

Peg Leg
Peg Leg
Peg Leg

That's myself, Chris and Claire on the covers.

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Christopher said...

Man oh man, I remember doing the picture for that cover...