Sunday, October 01, 2006

Listen: Podcast, no13

Pleasing To Your Ears

It's never a good idea to operate podcasting software when you're under the influence. I had a bit too much caffeine this afternoon and I think it shows in this episode. Apologies all around. The tracks:
“Nausea” by Beck
“Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” by We Are Scientists
“Free Stress Test” by Professor Murder
“The Price I Pay” by Billy Bragg
“Walking the Cow” by T.V. on the Radio
“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Your Grievience” by Daniel Johnston
“Insane In the Membrane” by Cypress Hill
“I Gotta Move” by Ben Kweller
“3 Freaks” by DJ Shadow
“I Don’t Believe You” by The Magnetic Fields
“Suspicious Character” by The Blood Arm
“In the Morning” by Razorlight
“The Rainbow” by Apples in Stereo
“Summersong” by The Decemberists
“Casssettesingle” by Fujiya & Miyagi
As usual, the podcast is available through RSS or iTunes. Here are the appropriate links:
* Subscribe to the enhanced podcast. (rss)
* Subscribe to the mp3 podcast. (rss)
* Click here to visit the "Pleasing To Your Ears" page in the iTunes Music Store, where you can pick and choose from available episodes.
* no13 :: Roofed to the Gills (mp3)
* no13 :: Roofed to the Gills (enhanced)
Here's some links I mentioned in this episode:
* Lo-fi viral videos for Beck's new album The Information
* Ben Kweller's Bloody Nose
* Razorlight's "In the Morning" video
* Apples in Stereo sign to Simian records
That's it for episode 13. Please tell your friends. Please tell me what you think. Please post a link on your blogs. Please use the hotline: (206) 202-3142. Please tune in for a new episode this weekend.

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Christopher said...

A Decemberists song, I never thought you would a song by the decemberists! I am quite impressed and very pleased.