Friday, October 13, 2006

Gateway Darks

About six months ago I bid a fond farewell to milk chocolate and fell backward into the smooth, velvety bosom of dark. Damn that shit is good. It's got lasting power on your tongue. It's fucking indulgent. When I eat dark chocolate, I feel like I'm one vagina away from guest illustrating a "Cathy" comic. Darks are like gateway chocolates. I've been seeking out harder and harder darks. Right now, I'm eating a Ghirardelli Intense Dark Twilight Delight candy bar. 72% cacao. There was one that was 83%, but I'm not quite ready to ride that particular dragon.


Christopher said...

I've had some of the 83% percent stuff... light can barely escape it's dark grasp.

Why must people soil their chocolate with milk, milk chocolate is for the proles!

Anonymous said...

"Real" Chocoholics do mole.


Anonymous said...

Its all about what you cut your stuff with. Try Kee's Chocolate on Spring & Thompson. That is just damn good eating.


Christopher said...

I just checked out the website for Kee's chocolate... good lord that was one of the tastiest looking sites I have been too!