Monday, June 19, 2006

Linkology: 06.19.06

* Stylish summer kicks
* Jonathan Lethem doesn't want Frank Gehry to design for the BK
* The Shake Shack webcam is live!
* Robots in disguise (YouTube)
* How to open a bottle of beer the Scandinavian way (YouTube)
* Phillip Toledano's Photography (click on the vertical cells for more)
* "Happy Mornings" Folger's Ad
* Build a kinetic sculpture
* Liquid nitrogen + swimming pool
* 3-year old chooses "NewsHour" for b-day party theme
* 6-minute Japanese Rube Goldberg ramen machine
* The Pianolina
* The Impulsive Buy
* Science builds a better cat
* Topless sunbathers love Unix (I love the comment)


kelly said...

Music? Free-ness? Two of my favorite things!! I'll be in North Carolina until 7/2 though. :(

Hooray for Casa Bedford! I got in last night and am definitely hearting it here until I leave in the morning for NJ - and then NC-- and maybe other states that begin with N.

Sharis said...

Love linkology

Sharis said...


Sam total wants to get the allergy free cat