Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Write More: Notebooks

I'm developing some stationery in an ongoing effort to get people to write more letters, diary entries, grocery lists, ransom notes and requests for Jesus. It's called "Write More" because I exist in a dimension parallel to yours in which everything is obsotively, posilutely, literally literal. "Write More: 'Cuz, y'know, you ought to." We've got our very best admen working on that bullshit slogan. I plan to throw myself into all efforts fancy paper after January. Until then, here are a few prototypes that I whipped up. They're Moleskine Cahier notebooks and they come with ruled or blank pages. "Write More: 'Cuz it's high time you made that Japanese girl on the train next to you insanely jealous." Bit better.

Write MoreWrite More
Write More


Christopher said...

Brilliant. I have a little book I write in but I will throw it out the window, to be replaced by one of those!

Amelia said...

oooooooo. Would it be possible to submit an existing Moleskine for beautification?

Christopher said...

The word "Moleskine" is such an awesome word.