Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pleasing to Your Ears, The Lost Podcast

I miss podcasting. I promise that there is an episode in our respective futures, I just can't promise when it might arrive. Near the end of my previous run, I was tacking on so many extra features in addition to prepping two streams and beefing up the enhanced cast, that the production time was pushing 3 hours. Lately I haven't had that much time to spare.

And so I continue to compile tracks to play for you. And I continue to compile letters and complaints from those of you who are left high and dry on Monday mornings. One thing I can guarantee is that once I finally scrounge up the time, you can guarantee that it is gonna be fucking long and fucking amazing. Promises xOne Jillion! In the mean time, listen to an old episode and re-discover your love for Blondie, Bjork and Beirut all over again.


Christopher said...

Who are these complainers? Even I the "perpetual complaint" (that's my super-villain identity haven't been complaining. For I know the holiday season is among us and not only that the season for grad school apps and portfolio building.

nerdelite said...

Thanks for the love, Bamfurah. That said, people need to hear the new Bloc Party. I'll be back soon.

Unknown said...

love the place mat btw-

Anonymous said...

Um. Yes, I NEED to hear the new BP. I heard a track last night on KCRW but I need more.

Did you get my letter yet? It's not a complaint, per se, but a healthy dose of encouragement to throw us some scraps (e.g., playlists w/o commentary) to get us through.