Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Type Video: Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse by Of Montreal

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This is the preliminary draft of my type video for our "Just Type" class at SVA, a project that required us to make a music video for a song using only letters from the typefaces of our choosing (previously mentioned here). I say "preliminary" because the time constraints of a full semester's course load and the stress of finishing a lot of other very demanding final projects kept me from incorporating all of the ideas I had for the video. In addition to that, one of the stipulations of the project was that the final video be black and white.

Soon, I'm going to begin work on the definitive director's cut (! x3) which will have color sequences, puppets, fake blood and live video.

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MAKAR said...

dude, that is so freaking awesome!!!!

would you ever consider doing a music video for MAKAR?

something subversive and coolly evil too?

how's life?
the new job sucks as much as the old one