Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stars Hollow Welcomes You

During my vacation I began each day in a pleasant mood, a startling achievement for a notorious night owl. Whether I was in Mexico or Michigan there was always something fresh to eat and the smiles of someone I love to greet me. The days were filled with potential, either of an adventurous or lazy nature.

In New York I'm surrounded by assholes on the train, screaming and crying at a volume that is unforgivable in the morning. In the absence of a hot meal, I can at least look forward to an over-priced cup of coffee. And the morning is brightened by a single, muted beacon of hope: an ad for the upcoming season of Gilmore Girls that adorns the phone booth in front of my office building, with it's smiling mug shot of Lauren Graham. Fuck Calgon! Lorelai Gilmore, take me away.

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