Monday, August 14, 2006

Listen: Podcast, no6

Pleasing To Your Ears

I'm back from my vacation and my podcast hiatus. Even when it's a day late, "Pleasing To Your Ears" blows doors down. I will not be abated. The tracks come courtesy of my Top Overall Artists on Last.FM. The tracks:
“The Fallen” by Franz Ferdinand
“Dead Disco” by Metric
"Dancing Shoes" by Arctic Monkeys
"Hotel Expressionism" by The Streets
"6' 1"" by Liz Phair
"A Get Together To Tear It Apart" by The Hives
"All Alone" by Gorillaz
"Young Americans" by David Bowie
"Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts" by Wolf Parade
"The Cemetery" by Architecture in Helsinki
"Lord, Send Me An Angel" by The White Stripes
"Like Eating Glass" by Bloc Party
"Everything Is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack
"I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" by The Subways
"Punchlines" by Mates of State
"Power of Love" by Huey Lewis
As usual, the podcast is available throught RSS or iTunes. Here are the appropriate links:
Click here to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.
Click here to visit the "Pleasing To Your Ears" page in the iTunes Music Store, where you can pick and choose from available episodes.
And for you folks that poo poo the enhanced podcast, here's the mp3 for episode five:
no6 :: Top Overall Apologies and Artists
Also, here is the link to my Last.FM page. You should sign up. It's ill as shit.

That's it for episode seis. Please tell your friends. Please tell me what you think. Please link on your blogs. Please tune in two weeks from now!

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dsb said...

One of my friends was completely charmed that the title of your blog was A Get Together to Tear It Apart, because it was a Hives song, and I was clueless, so I just laughed cluelessly. I don't know why that anecdote was important. It wasn't. I'm just glad that now I truly know, and don't have to laugh cluelessly, because I have listened, and it was good.

Cool idea using as a basis for this podcast. I like. I also disagree with (Chris?). I really like that Wolf Parade song quite a lot.

This week's podcast wasn't a whole lot of new stuff for me, but I will probably play it over and over again, because I found it to be a really solid mix of familiar and new, and I thought it flowed well. Also, "A song I kind of want to fuck."? Brilliant.