Monday, April 24, 2006

The NE Button Store is Live!

The buttons have been printed and punched. The store is online and fully functional. So if you like any of the designs, please check it out and support online merchants. All funds will be donated to my vacation fund. Mmmmmm, Thai boys.

More buttons to come as the months progress. And I'm printing "Racism Is Gay" on Wednesday. E-mail me with your size and color preference (sky blue or banana yellow shirts)if you want to guarantee a copy.

And now...some comedy pieces with an emphasis on brevity, presented in declining order of quality.

Refreshing Newness: First, a truth that can't be denied: "I Am Fucking Hilarious". Also, there's "Places Your Barren FiancĂ©e Didn’t Find Eggs During Easter Weekend" and "Single Entendres" but that last one ain't so good.

1 comment:

Rimas Kurtinaitis said...

That last one was my favorite, actually.