Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Couple of Things

I've been working on my thesis project for the better part of two months now, often at the expense of other design projects. I was able to sneak a few things in, two of which are below. With luck, I'll be able to work on a few additional personal projects before the end of the year.

This video is the result of a Saturday of shooting and about $24 worth of apple green craft paper. My classmate Devon and I made it in response to a really loose brief for a class that acts as a sorbet to cleanse the thesis year palette. Devon and I have an aversion to people and a love affair with the absurd. Every sequence needs a bit of editing for time. I'll upload the streamlined version once I finish it.

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I completed this opening title sequence for a department podcast back in September. If I find the time, I'd like to make some companion credits. The sequence follows the evolution of an idea, from concept to market. Fart.

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Sharis said...

I think world dominate could be completed with just the cutness of that pug in the video. ACKKKK!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had speakers at work! Must save this for the homestead I suppose.