Monday, July 21, 2008

Type Experiment: Fragmentation

I was tinkering around last night when I got a call from my friend David. "What're you up to?" he asked. "Just doing some type experiments." He laughed. "Is that what they're calling it?" "I wish I was masturbating. Sadly, I am actually playing with type."

For lack of a better source text, I used the word "type" as a starting point and began applying the Fragment filter in Photoshop again and again and again. The result creates a surprisingly organic form, given that the filter is pure, algorithmic pixelization. The text appears to bleed, like ink soaked in water. The layering of distortion and digital artifacts even starts to pull a muted blue tone into the mix (at least when working with black text on a white background). I think the result is quite beautiful.

Click the full sample for a hi-res version of this experiment that provides greater clarity. Also, note the cropped portion below, which shows the effect at it's actual size--pixel bonanza. Next step: color and a more complex grid of text.

Fragmentation Type
Fragmentation Type

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