Monday, May 12, 2008

Listen: Podcast, no25

Pleasing To Your Ears

Design school is but a distant memory, for the time being at least. We now return to your regularly scheduled podcasting. Enjoy:
"Party" by Envelopes (video)
"Raging in the Plague Age" by Les Savy Fav
"Shove It (feat. Spank Rock)" by Santogold
"Navajo" by Black Lips
"Fools" by The Dodos (video)
"Blind Mary" by Gnarls Barkley
"Bonafide Lovin' (Tough Guys)" by Chromeo (video)
"Editions of You" by Roxy Music
"Strange Times" by The Black Keys (video)
"Say Aha" by Santogold (Zune Arts video)
"Trick For Treat" by Neon Neon
COVER: "Cobrastyle" by Robyn (Letterman appearance w/Teddybears)
"Run to Your Grave" by The Mae Shi (video)
Here are some additional link(s) I blathered on about:
* A quest for moonshine/White Lightning with The Black Lips in South Carolina (courtesy of VBS.TV)
* This week's covered song: "Cobrastyle (feat. Mad Cobra) by The Teddybears"
As usual, the podcast is available through RSS or iTunes. Here are the appropriate links:
* Subscribe to the enhanced podcast. (rss)
* Subscribe to the mp3 podcast. (rss)
* Click here to visit the "Pleasing To Your Ears" page in the iTunes Music Store, where you can pick and choose from available episodes.
* no25 :: Didja Miss Me? (mp3)
* no25 :: Didja Miss Me? (enhanced)
That's it for episode 25. Here is an (outdated) list of tracks played on Pleasing To Your Ears! Please tell your friends. Please tell me what you think. Please post a link on your blogs. Please use the hotline: (206) 202-3142. Please tune in for a new episode next weekend.

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