Friday, July 27, 2007

Keys, Wallet, Phone...AND WHITE HOT RAGE!

Today is my last day of work as full-time Steven before I run off, get married, enroll in a graduate program and return as part-time Steven. Some people saw fit to give me cards and gifts. Others decided to clean out the fridge ahead of schedule and threw my lunch in the garbage. I got your number, fridge nazi. And while it may seem like I'm sitting contentedly at my computer, perusing the "Items We Carry" pool on flickr, I'm actually quietly seething while brainstorming secure places to dispose of your dismembered body.

Working world? You won't be missed.

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Christopher said...

Yeah I have yet to have my lunch eaten, but someone did happen upon my Orangina one day and drink that down.... I wasn't amused (the one perk to working in an ofice full of cameras, you always have recorded video of people fucking with your shit)