Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wine, Design and Potty Time

The MFA Designer as Author program at SVA had their graduate thesis show last night at one of the West Side galleries. I invited Emily along for the free wine, sweeping views of Mid/Downtown and all the ephemera (business cards, condoms, posters, stickers, seeds) that each graduate was giving away as part of their final product.

It was really exciting to see how different personalities interpreted the program’s mission statement, which more or less asks you to develop a market-ready product that is at once personally expressive and socially responsible. Erotic Urban vinyl toys for girls and boys? Check. A tube you can crap in while camping? Check. Turkish typographic identity? Check. All that remains is for me to decide what it is I’m going to make and sell.

Afterward, Emily and I dined at Morimoto on spicy crab, ramen, steamed chicken, pork kakuni and a Sapporo. The food was amazing, but the technological toilet was a tour-de-force. I wiped because I have little faith in a robot toilet's ability to wash all of the shit off of my ass. Then I settled in for the D-Luxe Rear Wash Treatment: warmed seats, oscillating spray, varying intensity and direction, etc. The blow dry was largely ineffectual (keep in mind how long it takes to dry your hands on a standard, wall-mount hand dryer) and the air smelled like mildewed crotch. All in all, I'm pleased to announce that THE FUTURE IS HERE!

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